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Since the inception of The Actors’ Network in 1991 by founder Kevin E. West, its mission has been the intelligent and proper education of the performer. There are many individuals who have worked on the other side of the desk from an actor, but there is a distinct line between a brief encounter with the industry and a long-time expert.

ActorBizGuru is the industry’s first on-demand educational video library, providing you with the answers you need to prepare and develop a successful performance career. The ABG diverse roster of veteran Hollywood professionals will give you the insight you need from Directors, Casting, Managers and Agents to build a successful career in your city as well as putting you years ahead when you make your move to Hollywood.

The ActorBizGuru library features answers to more than 500 questions, totalling almost 15,000 minutes of Hollywood education!

ActorBizGuru has been 20+ years in the making, and we now are able to provide you with the most intelligent level of performer business education found anywhere in the world. So sit back, watch, and let our expert content save you years of frustration as well as thousands of potentially wasted dollars.

And you get all of this for only $25 a year when you’re already an annual member!

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