Einstein: Techno-idiots continued!

Here it is again, but with a different point with regards to the famous Einstein quote: “I Fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Just how smart was this guy…well, very. While yes, his quote was far more philosophical then I intend it for this blog post…the point still stands,  he was right. He was right in the sense of actors in today’s Hollywood because of how much we now count on technology to replace OURSELVES. Images and video bits n’ shit. I will continue to reiterate this fact in many posts henceforth. (There are 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube…EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY.) Hello. So in the vein of Einstein and idiots…of course, no, I’m not calling folks idiots. But I am saying that to believe the mere existence of technology and the mere ability to post something on a website, does NOT equal the value…of YOU. To believe such, count on such or only care about such would be…idiotic.

Unless we are literally living in The Matrix, and our lives are really just computer generations of a false belief then people matter. Handshakes matter. Smiles matter. Personalities matter. Humor, conversation, sincerity, engaging and conversation MATTER. I am a massive advocate for technology and all it can do for the human race, the planet and to save time. But ask yourself this very simple question: “Why will someone take the time to watch you if you are unknown and not a star?” Answer: Cuz they like you. Yes, it is as simple as the line in Death of a Salesman…you gotta be well-liked.

While networking is a terribly over-used phrase and often just falls on deaf ears like…world peace, it still stands as a very valid word. Meeting people in person…matters. Having as many people have a “in-person” SENSE of YOU…is what networking should really hold as its definition…at least for actors. How many legit professionals in LA, see a thumbnail of your face on a computer screen of submissions…and have a brief or long moment of an “internal smile” cuz they like you…or have met you…or have some personal human memory of you. THAT has a value far beyond technology…and always will in this biz.

So use technology, marvel at technology and become as proficient as you desire with technology but do NOT believe, in this business of acting, that it will ever replace human value and connection. You don’t need a BUNCH of friends in Hollywood, but you do need a ton of folks “who know OF you from a personal ‘moment’ standpoint.” Really keep Einstein firmly in the foreground of your mind, when it comes to believing that having a Facebook page, Twitter account and putting something up you and a friend made on YouTube are going to move your career…tangibly forward.

Please do remember, I’m always on your side, and want success for you. Peace.