Get yer money right!

Ha…this is phrase used by Chris Rock in one of his stand-up routines…and I do LOVE me some Chris Rock. However, in this context, my point while related to Mr. Rock’s routine is much more about the health of your mentality and your day to day experience “while pursuing” a performance career. You see I’m an advocate of the phrase “money can’t buy happiness” because it is true in the purest sense. But to say that money doesn’t make “life a lot easier” in many respects is simply crazy…cuz it does. What is all over the news for the last 6 ½ years since the default swap housing crash on Wall St? Money, economic down turn, unemployment, debt ceiling and the future of the US economy etc. etc. When you can pay your bills WITHOUT being worried “how close” you’ll be at the end of the month or that you have to sacrifice something important ALL THE TIME…matters.

Relative to your age, your living situation and your income this affects actors far more then we tend to like to admit. Sure it is great if you happen to get an audition on a random Tuesday whose character sort of “fits” emotionally and literally with what is going on with you at that time. But typically this is NOT how auditions fall for us…and as a matter of experience…commonly the opposite. You can bet that if you’re in a present state of “small depression” or upset you’ll get a comedy audition with the character being extremely positive. Conversely if you’re a few weeks into the best relationship you’ve had in your life…you’ll get handed the “death row / alcoholic / just lost both parents in a plane crash” audition. It is just “actor’s Murphy’s Law.”

If you add into this artistic / life balance and challenge, the constant issue with money, I have witnessed that our skill level is typically diminished from 10-50% within the moment of the audition process due to lack of real preparation…due to lack of focus…due to uh, BEING A HUMAN BEING. J So where is your money coming from? Mom/Dad, spouse, trust fund…or more likely for 90+% of us what we go out and earn via some type of regular or part-time job. Are you happy with it? Sure I know that you’re wishing you didn’t have to do it, but you need to put that aside and remain clear on these factors about “getting your money right.”


Does it provide enough money for your lifestyle? Please remember that all roads to the top of any profession (other than being gifted your life such as Paris Hilton or having your last name be Bush) requires sacrifice and discipline…so I’m not asking about your monthly income based on wanting to fly to Paris or Vegas every weekend. I mean does it provide your basic life needs of shelter, gas, insurance, groceries, clothing, etc. with enough space and clearance to give you PEACE OF MIND. That is what I’m talking about in terms of getting it RIGHT. Ok. Additionally does the job stimulate you in “some way” that is both healthy for you and also that you can partially at least…look forward to on some level when you go? If not, get the hell out of it, and start seeking something else.

I have had many many side jobs from selling Jewish ad space over the phone to working at a very corporate law firm for two years…to selling Firestone coupons door to door. Yep, that was me, and this is in addition to doing the typical “food service” industry for 15 years of my life. So none of those were what I wanted to do, but they all had an element of my personality that I was able to enjoy. This is all I mean, but it is tremendously important, because it will also help you ensure that your car, and your dwelling situation are also IN LINE with making you as close to 100% mentally solid every day.

Always on your side, @TheKevinE