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GETTING THE JOB is a 2 disk audio set which will give you the tools to increase your booking rate. This 2-hour audio product (available on a set of two Compact Disks) has been specifically created for both the actor who is ready to start getting work in Television and Film and the professional working actor who wants to increase their booking ratio. 

GETTING THE JOB is a invaluable tool that provides a unique and clear professional edge in your pursuit of Film, Television, and Commercial work.

Why is GETTING THE JOB a successful tool? Carolyne Barry and Kevin E. West, the creators and authors, are two of the most highly regarded commercial and theatrical authorities you can learn from in Hollywood.

Their years of experience in front of and insights from behind the camera give them the factual perspective which makes GETTING THE JOB an empowering program for the actor.

What makes GETTING THE JOB different from an acting class?

GETTING THE JOB includes advice not just from teachers, but also from industry professionals who are casting and representing actors every day. These are casting directors, agents, managers and producers who understand who gets cast and why. Now you can listen to these professionals over and over again before each audition you have. There are numerous reasons this unique actor’s product is bound to be a perennial seller!

GETTING THE JOB is the first and only product designed for the actor to play on the way to and from their auditions. It is a personal audition coach, covering Commercial, Film and Television business aspects and audition techniques. Its format and content are powerfully effective for actors in both major and local markets, as well as Canada.

GETTING THE JOB features endorsements and invaluable professional tips from top casting directors and agents. That is coupled with a well-crafted mix of inspirational quotes and informative Biz Tips, which make for a compelling two-hour listening program. GETTING THE JOB conveys information that is fresh and accurate for 21st century actor competing in today’s showbiz world.

In addition, GETTING THE JOB contains a handy “Success” booklet to allow easy reference to some of the pertinent information on the CDs. Carolyne Barry and Kevin E. West are very active in the Los Angeles entertainment community through their careers, their organizations and their own network of industry friends and players. This guarantees that GETTING THE JOB will preserve its viability now and in the future. There is not another product on the market designed for the performer that even comes close!

GETTING THE JOB makes a terrific gift for anyone friend or family member who wants to get a head start and maintain excellence throughout their performance career.

From our house to yours… we wish you great success!

Kevin E. West has been a working actor in Los Angeles since 1990. In the Fall of 2006 Kevin shot the pilot Bourbon St. as Series Regular Bill Higgins. His television Guest Star and Co-Star roles include CSI, 24, LOST, NCIS, Desperate Housewives, Alias, Judging Amy, Resurrection Blvd., NYPD Blue, The X-Files, Oh, Baby, Angel, VIP, Seven Days, Diagnosis Murder, Melrose Place, The Pretender, Arrest & Trial, In The House, Matlock, Young and the Restless, Bold and Beautiful, Passions, General Hospital, Santa Barbara, Port Charles, and The Texas Cheerleader Story. Kevin’s film credits include Made in Heaven with Timothy Hutton, Monolith with Bill Paxton, Mirror Images II, Pedestrian, Exposé and many others.

Kevin is the Founder/President of The Actors’ Network, which is the most recognized and endorsed actor’s business organization in the history of the U.S. The Actors’ Network has been featured on Entertainment Tonight three times, CNBC twice, and was the feature story in Back Stage West in 1998 as well as winning back-to-back “Reader’s Choice” awards from Back Stage West in 2006 and 2007. Since 1995 Kevin has made dozens of speaker appearances, on the business education of the performer, in both Hollywood and across the U.S., including the Showbiz Expo in New York, UCLA university, SAG Foundation-Life Raft, and the SAG Conservatory Summer Seminars.

Carolyne Barry for the last twenty-five years has achieved recognition in front and behind the camera. She has appeared in more than 100 television shows and movies, numerous plays and over 400 national commercials. Carolyne has also cast over 450 commercials for five top Clio Award winning commercial directors. As a writer, Carolyne has co-written and starred in Dark August, her first film script, which has been in international distribution.

In 1975, Carolyne co-founded and managed ETC., an off-Broadway theatre company in New York City. There she produced, wrote, choreographed and/or directed dozens of new plays. Zen Boogie, which won her a prestigious Drama lounge award, and Dyna-Fem went on to long running engagements in Hollywood.

Ms. Barry co-founded and managed Professional Artists Group in 1983. P.A.G. In the span of six years, it became the largest and most innovative actor’s training and casting facility on the west coast as well as a video production facility. Carolyne was responsible for creating innovative workshops and showcases and received national recognition as an authority on actor’s training. As part of P.A.G.’s productions, Carolyne, wrote, produced, and/or directed corporate films, TV commercials, music videos and actor’s presentation tapes.

One of her most successful video projects was LIGHTS! CAMERA! KIDS!, a “How To” for kids breaking into the T.V.commercial business.

In 1994 Ms. Barry directed Hysterical Blindness which after a successful run in LA/ went off-Broadway in NewYork. Currently, Carolyne teaches her Commercial Audition technique and produces her Commercial Acting Workshop programs, (the largest sole owned program in LA), casts TV commercials, works as a commercial actress and travels as a guest teacher with her company Entertainment Industry Educators.
Recently she finished writing her book HIT THE GROUND RUNNING for the new actor and it will be available in 2008.Testimonials“GETTING THE JOB is an innovative product for actors, that informs, educates and inspires – a must have.”

Rob Light – Agent at Creative Artists Agency “I’ve know Carolyne Barry for 25 years, she’s been a splendid teacher and I’m really glad that she’s done this CD so that more people can benefit from her knowledge and her experience.”J. Michael Bloom – Theatrical and Commercial agent President of his own agencies in both Los Angeles and New York“ Kevin E. West is the consummate professional. he is one of the most ethical, intelligent, talented, pro-active, pro-actor people I’ve ever known. Kevin’s extensive experiences, passion and ability to communicate make him the best person I know to assist actors. Hollywood is a business that has a lot of unspoken and ever-changing rules lead to a lot of mistakes which cost actors time, money and emotional strength. To haves omeone like Kevin on your side to help you get through Los Angeles without having to make all of the same mistakes… is invaluable.”

Lonnie Hamerman – Casting Director (Without a Trace, Monk, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)Lifetime Alum of The Actors’ Network“ In my heart of hearts I feel that GETTING THE JOB will save you time and money. It will help you avoid amateur mistakes.”

David Ziff – Commercial Dept Head, C.E.S.D. (CESD is one of the three largest commercial agencies in the U.S.)“I believe this CD will give them the tools they need to forward their acting career.”

Abigail Girvin – L.A. Commercial Agent at DDO Agency“Getting The Job will guide actors along the right path.”Hugh Leon – L.A. Commercial Agent at the Coast to Coast Talent Group“It’s so important that you wake up every day and ask yourself – ‘What can I do to make things better for me?’Don’t sit around waiting and complaining. There are numerous things you can do. Ask yourself every day –‘What can I do to make my career better?’ And then buy this CD product, as one of the answers to thatquestion.”Mike Jacobs Jr. -TV Producer, To Be Fat Like Me, (Lifetime), The Thirteenth Year (Disney Channel), & TheirSecond Chance (ABC/Lifetime Pictures)“GETTING THE JOB is a program that is great not only for beginners, but even the intermediate and advancedactors. What you learn from this program will help you at any level.”Michael Sanford – Sanford Commercial Casting“Approach the business as a business. I think the most important thing a person could get from this CD, is ifyou’re not committed, the next person will be.”Jerry Whitworth – Assoc. Prod, Survivor: Thailand & Brawny Academy“Carolyne Barry and Kevin E. West are the two perfect people to be the personal audition coaches for mostevery actor, these two know what they are talking about. Listen to them.”Billy DaMota – L.A. Film, TV and Commercial Casting DirectorCD BreakdownThe Actor’s Guide to GETTING THE JOB is chock full of information which will help you as an actor to bookmore work. You will be more confident for auditions, be able to constructively reflect on auditions you’ve justdone, and make the adjustments necessary to book, book, book!Track ListingTake a look at the CD breakdown below to get an idea of what a great resource GETTING THE JOB is:Disk 11. Introduction2. Your way of thinking3. The Actor’s Code ofResponsibility4. Actor’s Challenge /Competition5. Pictures6. Birth of Commercial Auditions7. Commercial Audition Disk 21. Getting Auditions2. Audition Scenarios3. Commercial AuditionTechniques4. Theatrical AuditionTechniques5. En Route to an Interview6. Audition Tips – Industry Pros7. Audition Send-off8. Pre-Audition CoachingPreparation.8. Birth of Theatrical Auditions9. Theatrical AuditionPreparation10. Business Tips – Industry Pros11. Wrap-Up / Preview9. Post-Audition Release10. Post-Audition Reminders11. Tips / Finale Examples The above topics are each explored in more detail. The bullets below can give you a sense of the tools 

GETTING THE JOB uses to empower you to get a hold of your career.Tips for Getting Auditions Be a well trained actor. Maintain current actor marketing materials. Be prepared for your auditions. Have goals and a career strategy. Lead a full life.The Actor’s Code of Responsibility Self-Marketing. Visit your representatives office periodically. Read entertaiment business trade papers. Network. Audition for everything. Always be reachable. Do great auditions.Featured Industry ProfessionalsThis disk contains advice and anecdotes from some of the industry’s most experienced and influential castingprofessionals. There is little more valuable than getting advice directly from the source. GETTING THEJOB features:ProducerMike Jacobs, Jr.ManagerFonda St. PaulAgentsMalcolm CassellAbigail GirvinKarey KayserHugh LeonTodd JusticeDavid ZiffCastingTerry BerlandBilly DaMotaPeter DoyleLonnie HamermanJeff HardwickMelissa MartinShancy PierceMichael SanfordMark TillmanJerry Whitworth

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