Submission INSANITY!

I mean…seriously…I can’t handle it man. Where have we come to at this point in digital technology. Are 9-year olds now posting New Media, Ultra-Low Budget & student films too? At this point I’m trying to calculate between the Legit breakdowns, LA Casting, BackStage, NowCasting, ActorsAccess, Universities and Non-union stuff exactly how many submissions are possible on a WEEKLY basis now in L.A. It is INSANITY because I honestly believe it would be in the ballpark of around 500. Aside from just the necessity of an actor to feel that they HAVE to go through all of these sources to pursue their career there is then the sheer reality of “how you view” yourself as it pertains to all of the submissions. Then there is the mechanical process of actually submitting and also potentially how much you write as a “note” for each submission. Holy crap I’m losin’ it.

It is truly insane, causes more insanity and I’m not sure there is a great result. I think one of the reasons why it’s insane is because you’re not “right” for most of them and I think what happens to us a lot is that we try to CHURN out and work hard at this element of our careers everyday…and submit ourselves a LOT…and we get burned out when there isn’t any type of result, reply, audition or meeting…and then we STOP…for too long. This is why it is insane. You cannot let this process and its reality…cause you to stop. Very bad.

Additionally, we’ve got to go back to the ole cliché regarding the definition (or what is) INSANITY: “Doing the same thing over and over again…but expecting a different result.” Read my recent blog about “Blinders” as realize that this blog is the reason why that blog is necessary. I don’t use the word “can’t” a lot in my life but I am here. You CAN’T possibly pursue all of the areas of industry effectively over the long haul on a weekly basis 50 weeks out of the year…like we SHOULD as a principle of any business. You’ll push hard for a few months, then take a month off, you’ll push again for 3 months and then take the Summer off. Doing this roller coaster can have a positive result but inherently it isn’t the right play.

So how do you overcome “submission insanity?” Simple, learn WHO you are really, and then really decide what it is you WANT and stick with it. The only way to survive the submission electronic ONSLAUGHT of our business is to be uber clear on your “real type” (not what your friends or Mommy tells you) and what TYPE of actor work or activity is really your vibe and interest. I don’t care what it is, but you gotta know…really know, so that as you’re looking through all of the submissions…even though you see something that is your basic age range and ethnicity/type…you can SKIP over it…because you know there is something about the project in which you (your face/build) really isn’t what they want.

It takes courage, intelligence and a real LACK of “fear of the unknown” to do this regularly but if you do, you will sleep better at night. Stop believing that every single thing you read is true (it isn’t) and stop believing that if you don’t submit for every single thing that is even “remotely you” that you’re missing out on your shot at the TITLE. 🙂 You’re not, I assure you, but you will seal your fate if you keep it up. Protect yourself, your time, your energy, your enthusiasm for the pursuit by going on a lifetime SUBMISSION DIET. Only buy (submit) what you know you wish to cook / eat (audition / work).

You’ll find you have lots more time to do other pursuit actions and you’ll likely be a whole lot happier, fun to be around, and enjoy the audition process when you get them, more. 🙂

Always on your side! @TheKevinE