Just below Cloud 9!

From the first time I ever attended an acting class, stepped on stage either as an actor/comic/improv artist, read a script or got hired…I would float…just a bit. Over time, and often even before any of this we actors/performers/artists …DREAM. Dreaming to inspire yourself, dreaming to set the bar high, dreaming to give yourself a […]

Time to change your oil?

Are you busy? Is your planner full? Your class schedule, your job, your life to-do list, your personal life, your social life, all the social media outlets you’re trying to juggle…and just breathing. You busy? I bet you are, I bet you feel commonly tired, that you might be going around in circles, that you […]

Consistent Repetition = Success!

Do it again! Do it again. Again, again and again. Allow me to remind you that Coca-Cola is the most successful soft drink in the world, and they don’t change their logo every 2 years, 5 years or 10 years and what they do is still advertise. They advertise everywhere, all the time, so as […]