Voice Over Talent Success eBook from Doug Turkel

A few months ago, my wonderfully talented colleague Doug Turkel asked me to be a part of an eBook that has been begging to be written for years now.  He managed to finagle almost 30 of today’s top voice over talent to contribute their advice and secrets to success.  When he asked me to be a part of it, I was absolutely thrilled.  So if you want to get inspired on the path to your voice over career, download and read this eBook asap.  I got more inspiration from reading the first page of the first contribution by Steve Mackall than I have in months of mindlessly surfing facebook.

Doug asked each talent the same set of questions about the business and craft of voice over.  I sat for an entire afternoon, really thinking about the answers I wanted to give people–the advice I wish I had known when I was getting started.  Multiply this love and attention by 30 working pros, and you have a fantastic primer/playbook/inspirational volume from folks who are out there walking the talk today.  I know you all will enjoy the book as much as I do.

Download the eBook here:

 “Voice of Experience: Pro Voiceover Talent Share the Wisdom of Their Success”

Anna Vocino