Where is Godot?

Yes, I know that you “get the reference” but it is meant to get your attention. As stated by Walt Whitman, “the powerful play goes on” and none of us can stop Father time. This leads me to urge you to STOP WAITING. What does that mean Kevin? Hell, I don’t know what it means in your life, but I know what it means in mine, and I have a guess that for a lot of my community it is the subtle “hope of being discovered.” Now that phrase does not mean what it used to because I don’t mean being discovered and suddenly thrust into stardom. What it more means these days is that someone “see’s you, meets you, watches your reel” or whatever and become a legit fan who is in the position to HELP you. I’m with you on that, and totally get why we all feel that way, on some level.

Now I do realize, much like a lot of other things in life, that our AGE has a lot to do with whether or not we “think” we’re “Waiting for Godot.” But I’m still urging you to get on with it whatever it is. Stop waiting, stop hoping that someone will just “figure you out” at some point. If you’re wanting to get meetings then walk in the damn office and leave your stuff with them, if you’re wanting to audition for a show, then walk in the damn office and leave your stuff with them. Be professionally pushy…without ANY desperation or need. That is the key to your eventual success.

If you’re one of those folks who feels that you can “create your own” vehicle then get on with it but realize that “Production” is a much larger bite than you might imagine…if you’re going to do it RIGHT. You can’t just wake up one day and decide that you’re going to write, star, direct and produce a project and have it come out “great” when you’ve not had any experience doing any one of those things in the past. It is overwhelming.

You don’t have to be rude or lack compassion to LEAVE an agent with whom you have a nice relationship and “like” if they’re NOT doing their job. Get on with it, and get out, because you can remain friends with someone if you really need or want to…but their job is their job and if they’re not doing it…you’re not getting any younger. It is no different than any relationship you’ve ever been in when there are issues (and there always are) because you can talk about them, see a therapist, or work together on them…but in the end what one person is looking for is RESULTS. You have to see change or you have to get out.

Waiting applies to everything from your living situation, to your car, to your income job that supports your career etc. etc. Whatever you feel you’re just coasting on, or hoping is going to get better in time…just cuz, the reality is, it isn’t. So stop waiting…Godot AIN’T coming, only you can be the master of your destiny and the direction of your life and career. Get on it now…and get on with it. Don’t worry about what will or won’t be the collateral damage of your choices in the sense that if you’re changes are related to moving forward then only those who ultimately don’t “want to see you move forward” will have a problem with it.

Life is short, you only get one pass, so stop waiting for whatever it is you “think” is coming and make an intelligent, smart decision, well-handled but with intent and purpose and just get on with it…cuz the next thing you know…you’ll wake up…and be 50.

Always on your side, @TheKevinE