“No one lays out advice for actors in a more clear, concise way than Kevin E West. He’s practical, compassionate and dedicated to the success of fellow artists. As someone who’s career benefited greatly from the resources Kevin has offered…I can’t recommend him enough!” Chelsea CrispCelebrity Television ( ABC – Fresh Off The Boat ) […]

Getting the Job

Buy Now What is GETTING THE JOB? GETTING THE JOB is a 2 disk audio set which will give you the tools to increase your booking rate. This 2-hour audio product (available on a set of two Compact Disks) has been specifically created for both the actor who is ready to start getting work in Television and […]

New Union: Series (3of5): Modern Admin.

Now this is probably the easiest of this series to write because it is so ridiculously obvious what must be done. If you’re a newer actor the Admin technology I’ll be discussing is easy to understand, but you’ll not have had as much experience with the problem. If you’re a longer term, more veteran, or […]

New Union: Series (4of5): Modified Limitations

So now it is time to discuss this little issue I have moving forward with our NEW UNION. The SAG-AFTRA merger is predicated on “more strength” “consolidation of wasted Admin monies and effort” along with of course “more bargaining power.” Well, by God, if this is going to be the case then we better do […]

New Union: Series (5of5): $$$$$ n’ Pension

So now we come to the “biggie.” I say that, because this was the propaganda tool regarding merger. I’m not saying that because I don’t feel it is ultra important…I do. Remember, I’m many years vested (meaning I have a pension), so the bottom line is that it means a great deal to me. However, […]

30-Day Window! (Representation)

So it is officially mid-June…where is your Representation? Since my first year in Los Angeles all I have been doing since that day, I think sometimes, is altering things that people told me where absolutely true…because I’ve learned…they just aren’t. One of those many Hollywood myths is that there are only two times per year […]

Kevin E. West speaks to non-members!!

Come one come all actors and parents of actors! For the first time, since 1991, Kevin E. West (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0922184/), veteran television actor and the Founder/President of The Actors’ Network, will give (2) actor business presentations available to NON-members!! This opportunity has never existed prior to now. Since 1991 Kevin E. West and The Actors’ Network […]

Post 4th Mayhem: Are you ready?

Here we are only days away. Days away from what you ask? Well, from the avalanche, the tidal wave, the thunderous running with the bulls of Hollywood known as…Fall TV Season. However, isn’t it ironic that the title given has nothing to do with the actual season we’re in, and that is the absolute big […]