Biggest Mistakes In Voice Over: Part 1

In this multi-part series, I’m going to address the biggest mistakes we make in voice over.  I articulate these mistakes because I’ve made them, and I’ve seen others shoot themselves in the foot, not even realizing that they’re making mistakes they can so easily avoid. Biggest Mistake #1: Not Practicing Aloud EVERY SINGLE DAY If […]

Biggest Mistakes in Voice Over: Part 3

Trying For An Agent Too Soon I know that getting an agent is a big goal for most talent, as well it should be.  And I’m not going to deny the importance of having a really great agent for one’s career.  But I notice that for most voice over talent, getting an agent is an […]

Biggest Mistakes In Voice Over: Part 2

Last post, I discussed the dangers of not practicing aloud EVERY SINGLE DAY. This week’s biggest mistake to make in VO: NOT WATCHING TV OR LISTENING TO THE RADIO. Well, that seems silly, right?  Why would anyone want to get a job in television or radio and not have a working knowledge of what is […]

Biggest Mistakes In Voice Over: Part 4

Focusing Only On The Hustle (aka Ignoring the Craft) Spark up the interwebs, and you’ll see some pretty active voice over talent online.  They are blogging, tweeting, giving advice, connecting with one another, starting groups on facebook, and posting ad nauseum to online message boards.  Most of these folks have some very sound advice to […]