A Marianne Williamson New Year!

So at this point in the later part of January you’re finally getting “settled in” to the New Year. The Holidays are truly over, you’ve gotten back to town, maybe you’ve gotten rid of a few Holiday eating pounds, you’re officially back into your routine or whatever you call…

20 yrs. and 87 No’s: What’s your beef?

Labor of love. Passion, persistence, focus, vigor and purpose. These are all words and a concept we’ve been told for decades, centuries etc. etc. They sound great in a blog, in a movie, in a book, in a poem or a speech…but what are they really like…in the truth of life?

Why TV is now like Major League Baseball!

Now of course this will take a moment or two to clarify because many folks reading this may or may not understand the analogy right off the bat, because I do not presume that everyone knows…the backbone of baseball. But once you understand it, then I know you’ll

The Set-Up: Necessities

For many of you this will not be a “new thought” or topic but it is one of those subjects that simply never sleeps. Your “set up” in life matters for anyone anywhere in any profession. But for the actor, especially if you’ve moved specifically to be a working actor, then this is

Frustration-ism: Trickle Down Hiring!

Listen, this particular Blog isn’t telling you anything you don’t know, and as always I’m on your side but certain realities of where we have come in this industry are just incredibly frustrating…so I’m with ya on that. It is fairly easy for me, based on policy, to see why over

Rep – Merry-Go-Round

So have you had an agent, or manager, or both…or like me a separate agents for Comm., Theatrical etc. It starts to feel, at a certain point if things aren’t going well, like you’re dating 3 people and none of them are particularly satisfying. This leaves us frustrated, to the point

The art of engagement!

This would likely be one of the most scary subjects I could present to most actors and I totally understand why. It is within our nature to be expressive but that doesn’t mean that we’re all “outward” folks, with gregarious personalities or find chatting with strangers easy.

Where is Godot?

Yes, I know that you “get the reference” but it is meant to get your attention. As stated by Walt Whitman, “the powerful play goes on” and none of us can stop Father time. This leads me to urge you to STOP WAITING. What does that mean Kevin? Hell, I don’t know

The “Twister” Inside!

This is my official tribute to Mr. Philip Seymour Hoffman, but it isn’t just a tribute, it comes with a message and a warning. You see since I moved to LA I have encountered, become friendly with or even relatively close friends with now 7 people who have taken their own

Oh…Oscar Sunday

So here we are again, about to have the biggest night of “the actor” or at least it is with most of the acting, filmmaker and Hollywood community. Sure I do understand that many of you may not feel that way because you are anti-establishment or whatever, and I’m with