In the MIND of Casting!

Vocational training. Yes, you heard me…vocational training. Here is another one: apprenticeship. There are lots of ways to say, or discuss, education…but at the end of the day when it comes to ALL forms of knowledge you are either an intellectual who simply discusses things…or you have UNDERSTANDING…which means you’ve experienced them. One of the […]

Biggest Mistakes in VO Part 7: The POA Factor

Some actors get further along in their careers and develop a Pain In The Ass factor.  Some actors bring their POA factor to this business from the get-go and have to be humbled before learning how their behavior might prevent folks from wanting to work with them.  I hope you have a POA factor of […]

Einstein: Techno-idiots continued!

Here it is again, but with a different point with regards to the famous Einstein quote: “I Fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Just how smart was this guy…well, very. While yes, his quote was far more philosophical then I intend it for […]

Get yer money right!

Ha…this is phrase used by Chris Rock in one of his stand-up routines…and I do LOVE me some Chris Rock. However, in this context, my point while related to Mr. Rock’s routine is much more about the health of your mentality and your day to day experience “while pursuing” a performance career. You see I’m […]

Friends of friends of friends…!

No this is not a Blog about your Facebook page or how many friends you have. It is, however, about the concept of the degrees of separation we laughingly fool around with in terms of Kevin Bacon and how we often view our “place” within our given location and being important to that domain based […]

Living it…forward!

All of my December blogs have a crossover feel to them and touch on similar concepts and subjects because this is the annual time of reflection, projected change and the New Year…YOU. Certainly we all know the phrase; Pay it forward, and we know its intent. I’m going to offer this adjunct to the theme […]

A place called Home!

Being present, being alive, being “in the moment” are all phrases we use in acting class and with the show aspect of this profession when it comes to engaging our minds deep enough for us to believe a character enough and present them so that our audience enjoys the willing suspense of disbelief. But allow […]

The true value of CLARITY!

As we all move through yet another calendar year there is no better time to discuss this then now. While you’re in the midst of resolutions, New Year’s goals and reflection I highly recommend that part of your looking back includes this word; FOCUS.

Passion doesn’t have to equal Profession!

At the end of the year, this may be the most important Blog you’ll ever read, both for your sanity and your lifestyle. You see, I too sat one day in a theatre alone watching a movie and said to myself, yep that is what I’m going to do. It was a huge life and […]

A Marianne Williamson New Year!

So at this point in the later part of January you’re finally getting “settled in” to the New Year. The Holidays are truly over, you’ve gotten back to town, maybe you’ve gotten rid of a few Holiday eating pounds, you’re officially back into your routine or whatever you call…